Welcome to the official website of the “Jak z Obrazka” bernese mountain dog kennel. Our dogs are not only magnificent representatives of the breed, but also loyal friends and members of family.

Our kennel is registered in the Polish Kennel Club and in FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

There have always been animals in our home and since the day when the first of our berners showed up we can’t imagine life without them. We want the dogs of “Jak z Obrazka” to be healthy, happy and beautiful.

“In my opinion, a good Bernese Mountain Dog is by his proportions,
by symmetry, by its elegant colours lovely layed out on its silhouette is the most beautiful
dog you could ever imagine. There are other breeds that by their specificity are interesting,
lovely or nice, but Bernese Mountain Dog is – maybe by its normality – perfect in every way.”

Prof. Albert Heim